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I began making chain mail one fateful day in July 1990 while attending Polycon, a role playing game convention at the Cal Poly Campus in San Luis Obisbo.  Through an incredible twist of fate, my halfling thief, Shorty Ironband, was the first character to be killed in the AD&D tournament. Distraught and depressed, I somehow stumbled into the chain mail fabrication seminar, where someone (I think his name might have been Steve...) placed two pairs of pliers in my hand with a coil of rusty bailing wire and showed me how to knit a 4 in 1 pattern. I've been making mail ever since for my friends and family.

Years later, at my place of regular employment, there was a call for lunch room artists - artists whose artwork would be displayed in our lunchroom for a period of time.  I took up the challenge and started weaving some jewelry pieces to add to my collection of armor.  While that venue did not garner me any sales, I began to think about going into business.  Finally, I did, and from September 1999 to October 2005, Miron's Mail Manufactory sold millions of loose links and hundreds of high quality products.  I attended rpg conventions and ran seminars where I taught the basic art of chainmail to many.  As fate would have it, a number of factors led me to close that business in 2005 and take a hiatus from the chainmail world.

In the summer of 2011, my eldest son asked if I would teach him to make maille.  I agreed, and we decided that we would go back into business, this time as a family enterprise.  Reborn as West Coast Chainmail, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality craftsmanship possible at reasonable prices.  We thank you for considering our humble venture for your chainmail needs!